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No one knows what lies around the corner for reasons best known to nature. An unplanned tragedy such as injuries, permanent disabilities, illnesses even death can leave your family and you facing tremendous grief and feeling emotionally stressed. But with personal insurance in place, the financial liability and stress that comes with these unforeseen tragedies can be reduced so you can focus on rebuilding and recovering.

What Is Personal Insurance?

Personal insurance covers you and your family against loss that may lead to death, loss of property, or injury. These insurance products protect your cars, homes, rental properties, and other priceless assets. Personal insurance also covers necessary and reasonable medical and hospital expenses while you are healing, when you are fully insured. 

We have various types of personal insurance: life insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, personal umbrella insurance, and personal liability insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Between 2020 – 2022, the average cost in Ohio for personal insurance was between $456 for individuals and $1,152 for families per month. However, the price depends on the package and what kind of coverage is required.

There are different sets of insurance laws that govern individual states' Insurance policies. It can be confusing at times. Here are two laws that affect personal Insurance policies: Federal Insurance Laws: These are laws that govern the entire country. However, they are effective on the state level, depending on the insurer. State Insurance Laws: These laws recognize each state as a sovereign with the power to create and enforce its own insurance law. That is why you need a Certified insurance agency to help you navigate these laws.

As you move through life as an individual, with your partner, or with your family, it is essential to have personal insurance as a long time plan. Because personal insurance is all about a financial safety net that will assist you and the ones you love most.